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forever young

complete opposites but somehow it worksđź’•

season 2~


the fact that ryan and seth only hug twice throughout the whole series is perfect. otherwise, their relationship would seem incredibly fake

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"We’re from different worlds…

I’m not like you…”

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my favorite picture of all time

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seriously so cute



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what people don’t realize about this scene is that if Ryan never would’ve confronted Trey, Marissa would’ve never had to come to Ryan’s rescue. if she never would’ve gone to Treys that night then Harbor would have never had to kick her out for shooting him, then she never would’ve had to go to Newport Union, she never would’ve met Johnny, then she never would’ve met Volchok….this is shit that I spend my time thinking about.
but still we call Marissa selfish even though she saved her boyfriends life and then ultimately it put her life in more danger then we ever thought it would…what kinda talk is that people?

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