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Time to go murder myself in the face

Max Greenfield aka young Sandy Cohen takes a trip down memory lane with ‘The O.C.’

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“Strong and Serene” ~ Mischa Barton

Forever reblogging this

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top 5 episodes? (the O.C. obviously :))

Oh my gosh that’s so hard! Hahah but thank you for the message :-)

1. Pilot
2. The heights
3. The ties that bind
4. The dearly beloved
5. The graduates (before marissa dies)

Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

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"really good dynamic between one another. I think they really respected each other and I think they were both happy when they showed up and met each other for the first time that neither one of them was what they expected. I think both of them were fearing that they were going to show up on a teen drama where everybody was going to look like they were straight out of an Abercrombie catalog"

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here’s the day you hoped would never come…

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